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I take a small number of pet and wildlife commissions every month.
The exact amount of spots varies depending on how detailed each commission is.

Each commission results in a 100% custom digital drawing.
You’ll have options to getting a JPEG, PNG, and/or SVG file with your piece. If requested, I’ll upload your design to my shop so you can order custom products directly.
All drawings will be yours to keep, print, and distribute for personal use. (Let me know if you want something for commercial use.)

I charge an hourly rate of $80 USD with a sliding scale of $40-100/hour as needed. I adjust work to a client’s budget largely by varying the amount of fine detail in the end design (and thus limiting hours worked). Contact me directly if you need to set up a payment plan.

I find most commissions do best with 7 hours at least. I spend the first hour generating a rough draft or drafts to get your feedback on before continuing further. After that, I will follow up with at least one more draft before getting you a final product. I aim to keep you updated throughout the process, and will actively tweak the design to meet your desires.

Interested? Fill out this form to get started

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