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I am passionate about understanding humans within the context of the natural world. I frequently find myself going into nature to gain a filtered perspective of humans, myself or otherwise.

Among the trees, listening to the birds, watching the chipmunks, spotting deer and bear tracks, I meet myself and bear witness to the multi-species existence in that land.

Through my work, I strive to celebrate a multi-species perspective and existence while raising awareness and respect for our neighboring species.


Anna Reyes is a queer non binary BIPOC artist. They are influenced by their ancestral ties to Peru and their lived experience in New Jersey and the larger Northeastern region of North America.

Feeling deeply intertwined with the natural and human worlds, they use drawing as a means to process the world around them. They graduated Bowdoin College with a Bachelors in Visual Arts and a minor in Comparative Religion in 2016. Their work has been exhibited in Portland ME, Brunswick ME, and Lawrenceville NJ.

They currently are self employed creating art, taking commissions, and building websites. They are frequently learning a new open source program on the computer and are very enthusiastic about the intersection of art, technology, and the environment.

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